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Concrete Column Repair

Emergency Bridge Column Repair

The New York State Department of Transportation, District #6 (NYSDOT), operating under an emergency repair contract, effected repairs on Bridge no. 7012680 and 7012690 on Route 17 in Painted Post, New York.

The bridge, built in 1952, was structurally sound but was exhibiting serious spalling on the columns. This bridge supports the Norfolk Southern Railroad over Route 17. The bridge consisted of four columns that were approximately 5 feet in diameter and 12 feet high. They were damaged primarily due to weathering, freeze/thaw cycling, and the use of salt in winter conditions.

The NYSDOT elected to use Aquawrap® for the repair of the columns supporting the bridge. The columns were first patched using cementitious materials. The column's shape was restored and the installation process began.

The first layers consist of Aquawrap® G-05, which is a heavy 22 oz. fabric. This is later covered with the G-03 fabric, a much tighter weave that provides a smooth surface.

Using our water-activated prepreg Aquawrap®, the installation was accomplished in a timely matter, with little waste of time or material. The low temperatures encountered during the installation posed no delay, as might have been the case using an epoxy based system.

Contact us for a copy of the report.

Aquawrap® is the simplest, most cost-effective repair you can find.





Column Bad.bmp (273966 bytes)
External damage to concrete column

Column Prep.bmp (224878 bytes)
Filler material used to restore shape

Column Begin Wrap.bmp (302678 bytes)
Aquawrap® G-05 Installation

Column Complete.bmp (152926 bytes)
Completed Installation

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