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Splash Zone Repair

Innovative FRP Piling Repair without the use of Coffer Dams

Steel reinforced concrete bridge and pier pilings are subject to splash zone damage in both fresh and salt water areas (Figure 2). The damage to the concrete is usually caused by abrasion or impacts by wave and tidal action, collisions with marine vessels, and normal spalling. In addition, oxygen and water penetration can cause corrosion of the reinforcing steel.

When this happens, the resulting expansion causes the concrete to fracture. The corrosion of steel in these structures is exacerbated in the splash zone due to the combination of salt-water and oxygen present in this area of the piling. The damage to the pilings may be cosmetic or structural. In either case, the repair system must restore the piling and reduce further deterioration.

Splash zone and underwater repair of concrete pilings using composites has traditionally been accomplished by utilizing coffer dams. This repair was successfully completed on two steel reinforced concrete pilings on a bridge over the North River located near Wilmington, North Carolina. Aquawrap® uses a unique water activated urethane resin system coupled with a custom woven fabric that can easily be applied to round or rectangular pilings under water. The pilings were prepared with an underwater epoxy adhesive and then wrapped with this material. The river water activates the resin and cures the system. The particular system used has no VOCs and is approved for drinking water use, making it attractive for use in environmentally sensitive areas.

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Aquawrap® is the simplest, most cost-effective repair you can find.


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External cosmetic damage to concrete pile

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Filler material used to restore shape

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Aquawrap® Installation Complete

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Final protective coating applied

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