Air Logistics Corporation

Large aircraft engines and rocket motors are heavy, awkward … and delicate.  Air Log's ground support Handlers can deal with the heavy loads, and yet position the engine and align mounting holes dead-on.  Some of the more popular types of Handlers appear here.

Our Model 6200 Positioning Trailer is an engine handler that will heft up to 15,000 pounds of dead weight, move it with precision driver motors on the wheels or delicately jog the mass on its Twin-Rails™.

Fully self-contained, these Positioners are the answer to an aircraft mechanic's prayers.

Shown with an engine secured onto its Twin-Rails™ a lighter duty member of Air Log's 4000-series of positioners is hard at work.

A "secret" to the success of all of our machines is the Air Logistics Roller Adapters™, shown here on the right.  A single Positioner can be changed over to work with different engines by simply switching out the Roller Adapters™.

There are also various types of drives available built into the Adapters so that the loads can be transited safely, accurately and quickly along the Twin-Rails™.

Fixed work stands; casters & monorails; transports that raise up and down. If you don't see it here, please call.  We probably make what you're looking for. (Click picture for larger view.)


Headquarters; Strength Elements & Mechanical Groups:

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