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Acid Vessel
Cooling Tower

Acid Vessel

This 20" diameter vessel had an end cap at the bottom which was found to be extremely thin.  The attached 6" and 1" piping was also found to have damaged by the corrosive acid that the system contained.

Removing the vessel from service at that point would have been very disruptive, so the plant decided to encapsulate the end cap, as well as the attached piping.

The lay-up was done in fresh air, due to the presence of dangerous fumes emanating from the system. PowerSleeve was used to cover the end cap in multiple strips. Complete coverage was possible using this method.

This photo illustrates the complex configurations that can be encapsulated using the right combination of materials within the PowerSleeve family.

PowerSleeve, not just another fiberglass. Custom woven glass and Kevlar are combined to provide all the strength you need to repair your damaged piping.


Kevlar is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours Co.

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xternal corrosion damage on vessel

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