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Cooling Tower

A 24" Cooling Water line was experiencing sever external damage from corrosion. Wall loss was so severe in some areas that the concrete liner could be seen.

In this case, PowerSleeve® was used to encapsulate approximately 18 feet of the damaged area. Due to the condition of the pipe, sandblasting was not a feasible method of preparation. The pipe had to be cleaned by hand so as not to remove any more steel and cause a failure of the line. The barnacles that were present had to be carefully removed or contoured with epoxy putty.

In the repair area was one elbow. The installation crew was able to completely cover the entire elbow, leaving no gaps or voids.

Four layers of PowerSleeve® were installed to provide a protective layer around the pipe. This installation was intended to seal the pipe to prevent any seepage and loss of pressure.

PowerSleeve®, not just another fiberglass. Custom woven glass and Kevlar® are combined to provide all the strength you need to repair your damaged piping.


Kevlar® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours Co.


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xternal corrosion damage on line

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traight Run and Elbow

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PowerSleeve®  Installation

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