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Acid Vessel
Cooling Tower

Soil to Pipe Interface

This 1940's era, 42" cement lined steel pipe was mortar coated at grade-line and below. The mortar extended 3-feet above the grade line and encapsulated an elbow.

The problem began when the concrete began to crack from freeze/thaw conditions that were present. As the concrete de-bonded from the steel pipe, water intrusion began to occur. This led to severe corrosion under the concrete that went unseen for years.

The elbow finally hold through at began to leak slightly. After further investigation, it was found that nearly 7 feet piping was badly damaged. Taking the line out of service was a major task for this power generation facility. So a repair option was sought, and PowerSleeve was the chosen method.

The leaks were sealed and the pipe was cleaned and prepared. Multiple layers of PowerSleeve were installed to reinforce the damaged section. The plant was able to stay in operation with no shutdowns during the repair.

Another 42" line at another tower was found to be damaged just the same. PowerSleeve was selected for that repair as well. Both repairs have been in service in the harsh desert environment for nearly 10 years.



xternal corrosion damage on elbow

Concrete liner showing through steel

PowerSleeve Wet Out

Final touches on application

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