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Air Logistics Corporation

Established in 1954, Air Logistics has a proud history of coming up with and manufacturing machinery, tools and composite products that were crucial to the logistical operations of the military, airlines and high technology industries all over the world.  A few of these products are enshrined on these pages.

Although none of these products are currently manufactured, if you see something for which you have a need, give us a call.


How do you tug a 480,000 lb B-52 aircraft across an ice-glazed parking apron when you can't run its engines?   All normal tractors and aircraft tugs simply spun their wheels on the ice.  Air Logistics invented and built the solution.

Simply create a traction drive that joins to the big bomber's own wheels, and then turns those wheels.  The overwhelming weight of the airplane pushes its tires into the ice and the monster moves easily.

THIS IS MO-MAT portable road and more.
A "waffle pattern" composite surface that has the strength of steel at a tiny fraction of the weight.  It rolls up for transportation and unrolls by itself.  Sections can be joined quickly in the field using Air Log's patented rapid joiner system.  Mo-Mat is still in use all over the world.


Instant Taxiway

Instant Roadway

Instant Helipad

Instant River Crossing

Instant Supply Depot

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