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This building is where we started and was the main office and production facility in Pasadena CA until we moved in 2004 to Monrovia CA.

2014 marks our 60th year in business.



Established in 1954, Air Logistics Corporation (ALC) is a 2nd-generation family-owned company with long history of inventing and manufacturing ground support equipment (GSE) for aircraft and an array of composite products for military and commercial clients. Taking new approaches to problems, working closely with clients and reducing new ideas to effective, reliable and economical practice is a thread that runs through our history.


Main Office:  146 Railroad Avenue, Monrovia CA 91016   

Phone:  626.256.1257   Fax:  626.359.1689  Email:

FACS Office:  925 North Todd Avenue, Azusa CA 91702

Phone:  626.633.0294  Fax:  626.633.0791  Email: 


Our Current Business Segments are:

Field-Applied Composite Systems (FACS):  FACS provides composite (glass or carbon cloths with various resins) solutions for repair/reinforcement/corrosion control and leak prevention/repair of metallic, concrete and wooden stuctures such as pipelines, industrial plant piping, bridges and other structures.  FACS is an ISO 2008 certified supplier and provides a range composite-wrap repair systems for high-temperatures, high-strength, and chemical resistant properties. FACS

Mechanical Group:  This part of ALC designs and builds forward-area refueling equipment for special operations and ground support equipment (GSE) for aircraft and components such as maintenance work stands and roller adapters.  We build many spare parts for trailers and other GSE built by ALC from the 1950's into the 1990's which are still in service.  Parts we don't build anymore we can sometimes find from alternate suppliers or surplus market sources, which we are happy to assist with.  The Reference Data section of the website has technical manuals and other information regarding the entire family of Air-Log GSE. 

Strength Elements:  This part of ALC produces carbon epoxy rods of various sizes for applications in the marine and oilfield industries.  We also have produced specialized products, such as a sheathed stainless steel tube containing optical fibers in lengths exceeding 20,000 feet.